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13 Most Useless Car Accessories - Complete Money Waste

Useless Car Accessories Banner

We all have car accessories – the good ones and the bad ones!

Some accessories instantly take our attention like - damn! I want this!

But some of them make us question its existence like – Why do these even exist? Why would anyone even make this useless accessory?

And we have found exactly those items that you should stay away from and save your precious money.

The list includes products that fail to understand the market. They fail to understand what people actually need and are willing to pay for.

Remember the Investor’s rule - “Not all inventions are commercial products.”

So let’s dive into the list right away.

1. Fake Carbon Fiber
Fake Carbon fiber

Every sports car fan will go crazy once they hear carbon fibre… and why not?

Carbon fibre has bought a drastic change in the racing industry.

For the unversed, carbon fibre is a composite material which is stronger than steel in terms of strength-to-weight ratio.

It makes the body super strong as well as super light.

Carbon fiber body

But as you might have guessed, this composite is much costlier than steel (almost 50%).

The popularity of CF is so high that most fans are even ready to install fake carbon fibre fittings onto their cars just for “looks”.

These accessories are getting more and more prevalent in the market.

Fakes are made up of cheap materials that just look like CF but are technically worthless.

So to sum up, the performance of the car remains the same, strength remains the same or sometimes even worse – degrades.

At the end of the day, it’s you who decides what you want on your car, if it makes you happy, go for it!

2. Steering Food Tray

Why? Why not just stop for a while and have your meal?

Steering food tray

Many food trays are flimsy and unstable, making it difficult to hold food or drinks.

Not to mention, it can result in spills and messes.

These trays are difficult to clean and maintain. They could accumulate crumbs, debris and even bacteria over time if not properly cleaned.

3. Silencer Extension
Silencer extension

They do not improve the car’s performance in any way.

They are purely cosmetic in nature.

They can be very loud and sometimes even obnoxious, which can be a nuisance to pedestrians.

Just look out that you don’t exceed the sound limit which could then put you in trouble.

4. Grip Pads

Grip pads might seem useful at first glance – holding your phone, keys, what else do you need?

Grip pads

The thing is they just work well for a few days and then start to lose their grip.

If you plan to set it o a flat dashboard then the whole purpose of installing a grip pad gets defeated.

If your dashboard has a curvy nature, then the contact area between the phone ad pad might not be enough to hold it.

Not to mention that the material quality of the pad itself must be good or else it could damage the dashboard surface.

So either you buy a good quality durable pad or drop the idea of buying one itself!

But never drop the idea of going on a trip: here are places to visit in South India.

5. Aux Cables

There was a time when Bluetooth was not so famous and the car’s stereo system worked on AUX cables.

But in today’s time, it’s almost impossible to find a system which could not be connected via Bluetooth. So buying an AUX cable for cars at least seems pointless.

6. Scratch Removers
Car body scratch

We all have seen those scam scratch removers sad maybe bought one of those, only to realize that it's definitely a scam.

The problem with scratch removers is they are superficial, they only work on scratches that are not deep.

Meaning if the scratch has not penetrated the colour coat then it can be removed, but if the scratch is deep enough (which generally is the case we even think about these removers) they do not work!

7. Electric Fans

Really? Do I even have to explain this?


8. GPS Navigator

Back in the old days when phone signals were poor in most of the areas, these standalone GPS navigators were worthwhile.

Car GPS Navigator

But today almost everyone who owns a car owns a smartphone that already has a built-in GPS.

So why would a sane person go and buy an overpriced accessory that also has a recurring cost?

GPS navigation system connects to the satellites via microwaves and displays useful information like location and nearby places.

The only advantage of this standalone system is that it doesn’t require an internet connection.

So if you are stuck in an area with no mobile network, the GPS would still work and show you the direction.

But as the range coverage of networks is continuously increasing, you won’t get into this situation easily.

9. Bull Bars

Bull Bars

These are metal or partial metal bars attached to the front side of the vehicle connecting to the chassis.

Although they help protect the front body, they are banned in multiple countries like India since they can be more harmful in severe crashes.

In some countries, they are allowed but with appropriate compliance.

So don’t even think of buying these unless you want to get into a serious problem!

Pheewww!! …enough of useless accessories.

Here’s a list of super useful car accessories.

10. Spoilers

As per definition, the primary function of a spoiler is to reduce drag and increase downforce, which can help improve the car’s stability and handling at high speeds.


Thus spoilers are practically useless in urban areas where speed is always restricted.

In fact, spoilers may actually reduce fuel efficiency by increasing drag, as most urban drivers are in stop-and-go traffic.

So apart from aesthetic reasons, if you think that spoilers are any good, think again!

11. Decals

These decals have no value except enhancing the looks of a car; that too in some cases.

Most of the time these decals make the car look childish. If they are not applied properly, they can damage the paint.

They easily lose their vibrance if exposed to harsh weather conditions repeatedly.

12. Expandable Hanger Bar

Why would anyone need this? Most of people might never even have heard about these.

Expandable hanger bar

And why would anyone care? Who needs to regularly transport fine clothing in their personal car?

13. Air Fresheners
Air freshners

Let me be honest here; personally, I don’t think air fresheners are useless but the reason I included them in this list is that they need constant replacement.

Air fresheners are good at masking unpleasant odours, only for the first few days; then you won’t even notice them.

Their reason for entry into this list is simply that they provide very little value for the money they cost.

Well, this is the end of the list. I am sure you might have also seen many other "useless" accessories that will fit well into this list - make sure to comment down!

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