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101 Car Accessories - The Ultimate List (Updated)

If you are looking for useful, unique and innovative car accessories, my friend, your search comes to an end!

In this blog, we have compiled a list of 101 Car Accessories that will not only make your car stand out but also make your driving convenient and comfortable.

For ease of reading, the accessories are divided into 4 main categories:

  • Interior

  • Exterior

  • Tools

  • Decorations

Get ready to be surprised by these unique car accessories that you never knew you needed!


1. Interior ambient lighting

Who doesn’t like to get cosy and warm? These LEDs are just perfect for your next romantic ride with your love.

Interior Lighting

They will help you to express without even saying a word yourself.

You can buy multiple strips also available with remote control and fix them on either side of the front seats and also beneath the seats facing back.

These lights will make your car just more than a car.

2. GPS navigator

These are specialized devices just made for navigation purposes which will make your ride easier.

They do not require an internet connection as most of them work on radio signals received through satellites.

GPS Navigation

3. Dash Camera


Dashcams are important these days as they provide video evidence in the event of a road accident when the wrong party denies their fault.

When parked, these cams can capture video and picture evidence if any kind of damage is detected to the owner.

4. Seat Cushion

Seat cushion

If you tend to drive for long hours, you would probably feel pain in your lower back and tailbone sooner or later.

To avoid such situations, special seat cushions are designed to support your back and make your ride more comfortable.

5. Neck / Back Support

These supports can make your car seat more ergonomic, minimizing the strain on your neck and back muscles.

They help to maintain proper posture resulting in a smooth ride.

Neck/Back Support

6. Phone Mount

This is a no-brainer and the most essential and useful car accessory to have on your windshield.

Phone mount

This age has made us dependent so much on phones that we now don’t even care about remembering the routes to a new place.

But doing multiple tasks like driving and looking at the map can be dangerous that you might want to definitely avoid.

7. Universal Charger

8. Wireless Car Charger

Wireless Car Charger

9. Car Seat Organizer

Car seat organizer

If there’s a lot of stuff that you want to have easy access to, this accessory might be very helpful.

You get multiple compartments to stack your things and easily use when you need them.

10. Grip Pad

These grip pads are excellent at holding things like mobiles, keys, perfume bottles, coins, etc.

11. Car Hooks

Indian women always need a hook – seriously. Long rides are incomplete without multiple bags, polythenes and yes don’t forget purses, jackets and water containers!

Car Hooks

These hooks might look simple but don’t underestimate them – they are super useful.

These hooks are easy to install, reliable and a great accessory for your car.

12. Portable Desk / Tray Combo

If you have a long distance to cover and don’t even have time to stop and eat your lunch, these desks might be beneficial to give support.

Portable Desk/Tray Combo

13. Memory Foam Cushion

Memory foam cushion

These memory foam car cushions help people with any type of back pain like sciatica or an old injury by giving adequate comfort during the ride.

14. Tiny Trashcan

During a trip, it’s natural to gather small size waste like chocolate wrappers.

In such cases, a tiny trashcan can save your car from getting littered.

Tiny Trashcan

15. Side Pocket

16. Car Seat Cover

What’s the first thing you notice in the interior?

Seat Covers! Right?

It’s easy to miss them when they are normal, but I have seen people get attracted to different covers

Selecting a good seat cover boils down to just two things – material and aesthetics.

No matter how good the description of a good material is, it doesn’t come any near to actual experience.

So make your choice not by reading or seeing things online, experience the richness that suits you and then choose the right one.

17. Clips / Cord Organizers

Clips/Cord Organizers

18. Sunshade

You might already have one but it’s worth reminding you.

Afternoons after a good lunch might get harsh because the sun would not let you sleep!

Don’t worry these blockers will maintain the coolness so that you can get a proper nap cause that’s imp!

They can easily protect your car’s dashboard from harsh rays when parked and are also foldable.

19. Expandable Hanger Bar

Expandable Hanger Bar

20. Heating Seat Cushion

Heating Seat

If you live in a cold region, heated seat cushions are what you need.

They heat up quickly to suitable temperatures.

But as a warning, be sure to buy good quality ones which have higher insulation and non-flammable material.

21. Garbage / Trash Bag

A larger bag for long routes!

Trash Bag

22. Auxiliary Cable

If you still got an older sound system or the Bluetooth system has crashed, an AUX cable still remains a good option to connect your mobile.

So no matter what, never stop listening to beautiful songs.

Aux Cable

23. Panoramic Mirror with Anti-Glare

Panoramic Mirror with Anti-Glare

Most rear-view mirrors don't cover the blind spots which are in the left and right corners.

This wide panoramic mirror gives a complete view of the back and also has anti-glare glass providing less irritation.

24. Bluetooth Car Adapter

These adapters make it possible for cars that didn't have inbuilt Bluetooth to have the benefit of being able to play your favourite music or podcasts through your car's audio system.

Bluetooth Adapter

25. Windshield Sunshade

Windshield Shade

These sunshades protect your car’s dashboard from losing its colour and radiance due to extended exposure to direct sunlight.

Also, these sunshades keep the interior relatively cooler when the car is temporarily parked in sunlight.

26. Pet Net Barrier

Pet Barrier

Dogs could get super excited sometimes and it’s generally good.

But the worst time to experience that is when you’re driving and it jumps on you from the back.

These nets will prevent that from happening potentially avoiding any major accidents.

27. Cupholder


28. Floor Mats

Matting is one of those underrated aspects of a car which is mostly overlooked.

The Interior of a car is incomplete without good matting.

Car matting

29. Steering Knob

Before power steering was a standard, these knobs were extensively used as it was much easy to steer using one of these.

Steering Knob

In later stages, these knobs became more of a decorative item over steering.

Today they might be almost obsolete but if you still own an old beast and want a sleek experience, these mounts would be perfect.

30. Air Purifier

Air Purifiers

Cars can have polluted air from outside pollutants - carbon monoxide emissions from other cars, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, pet dander, cigarette smoke and tiny particles.

An air purifier can also remove bad odours from your car.

31. Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon Echo is simply a microphone that operates at your voice commands.

 Amazon Echo Auto

It is able to connect/disconnect Bluetooth, pick up calls and basically everything that voice assistance does.

Though it works best with the entire ecosystem, so if you are like most people, you’ll probably face limitations.

32. Bluetooth Auxiliary Jack Adapter

Aux bluetooth

These adapters give the simple aux system Bluetooth adaptability.

It’s really helpful if the system is still old but the phone doesn’t have an aux port.

33. Headrest Screen Holder

Headrest screen holder

34. Electric Fans for Rear Seat

Electric fans for Rear Seats

35. Car Day Night Sun Visor

Glare is something that disturbs even the most experienced drivers.

A day-night sun visor is a two-in-one solution that allows drivers to switch between daytime view and nighttime view.

Day Night Visor

It has built-in 2 screens that provide different tints for different times thus, improving visibility and enhancing safety.

36. Steering Cover

The steering cover protects the steering wheel from wear and tear.

Not only this, it adds character to the overall interior and improves the holding grip.

Steering Cover

37. Mirror With Dash Cam

This mirror has a two-way camera that records activities of the front as well as the back.

The camera quality is really good and it directly displays directly on the mirror giving a clear rear view.

Mirror With Dash Cam


38. Auto Cruise Control

This setup helps to integrate cruise control in cars which don't have it from manufacturing.

These setups are customized for a particular model, so be sure to check them before buying.

39. Car Grill

Car grills are an important component of the vehicle’s front end that gives a super look.

Car grills

It also acts as a gateway for air to pass through itself and reach the radiator for engine cool down.

They come in various designs like matt finish or glossy chrome.

40. Roof Rails

Roof rails

These are not just mounted on roofs for good looks but even help in carrying heavy cargo during long family trips.

Roof rails come in different materials like aluminium and steel.

41. Roof Bag

Roof bag

Roof bags are also useful for getting extra storage space.

The main advantage of a roof bag is it does not require rails for support.

It fits directly over the roof fastened through windows.

42. Bull Bars

These are metal or partial metal bars attached to the front side of the vehicle connecting to the chassis.

Although they help protect the front body, they are banned in multiple countries like India since they can be more harmful in severe crashes.

In some countries, they are allowed but with appropriate compliance.

43. Side Steps

They are also called running boards and are installed on the sides of heightened vehicles for passengers to take a step and get on.

Vehicle side steps

They come in various styles and materials giving a little side protection from scratches.

44. Roof Racks

They come in various designs like a full rod bed or just 2 singular bars and are mostly used for heavy cargo like bikes and skis.

Roof racks

45. Bumper Guard

Car bumper guard

If you park your vehicle on the street, the risk is high that it could be scraped or dented by other cars or bikes.

They are made of materials like rubber or metal providing protection.

46. Door Visors

Car door visors

These are one of the most common accessories seen on almost car.

But for the uninitiated, these visors protect against rain and snow.

They also allow for ventilation space keeping the interior dry.

47. Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are made up of metals like aluminium and magnesium.

They are lighter, durable and easily dissipate heat.

Not only this, they add a super look to the car.

Alloy wheels

48. Car cover

Car body cover

It’s a protective accessory that covers vehicles from dust, rain and scratches.

A secondary advantage is it protects paint, overheating interior and other factors.

49. Door Guard

It’s no surprise that most of us have to park our cars in confined places.

Door Guard

This may lead to inadequate space for doors to open and close leading to chances of getting paint removal from edges.

Thus to avoid this from happening, door guards are excellent remedies.

50. Door Shock Absorber

Car Door Shock Absorber

These small circular accessories are quite helpful to reduce that “thhhaaakkkk” every time you push the door a little harder.

They absorb the force by using built-in cushioning technology to avoid the bang.

51. Door Edge Protection Film

Without a car door edge guard or protector your door edge can easily be damaged.

Door edge protection film

The narrow width of a car door edge makes the door edge more prone to paint chips.

Car door edge guards work by providing a barrier that will absorb the impact energy and protect the painted surface.

52. Door Handle Scratch Guard

If you care for your care a little more than most people, this accessory is just for you.

It fits behind the door handle giving it scratch protection from nails, keys or jewellery.

Door Handle Scratch Guard

53. Spoilers


They are added to the vehicle’s body to improve its performance by providing more traction and stability.

Though there are some rules that need to be followed which include maximum size limitation and other safety precautions.

54. Car Roof Tent

Don’t have a place to rest? How about the roof of your car?

Not joking, these unique tents literally let you have a nap on the roof of your car.

They are easy to install and use.

Car Roof Tent

This car accessory is made up of durable polymer, has an anti-fire body, and water-proof and comes with an inbuilt high-density foam mattress and an aluminium ladder.

So when your camping hormone kicks in, give a starter and you are all set!

55. Dynamic Turn Indicators

Dynamic turn indicators are the successors of static indicators that we mostly see on cars in India.

These new indicators are currently only available for specific brands and models.

These dynamic lights give you extra confidence during a turn indicating exactly where you wanna go. These types of car accessories completely change the overall look and feel.

Unlike static lights, these lights have a motion in specific directions which is a treat to watch.

You may check whether your car is suitable for these lights or not because sometimes you will need to replace the entire side mirror mirrors.

56. Daytime Running Light

57. Windshield Cover

They act as protective shields for the windshields protecting them from dust, snow, ice and sun.

Windshield Cover

It is generally made up of materials like polyester or nylon. They are really helpful in snow-clad regions.

58. Blind Spot Mirror

Blind Spot Mirror

Blind spots are among the biggest factor causing accidents.

This mirror gets attached to the main mirrors giving a view of the side which generally remains blind.

This small accessory could save your or someone’s life!

59. Roof Box

"Where would I keep the necessary luggage that we'll need on our weeklong tour? "

This is the most common question everyone has before going on a long trip.

Roof bag

This is when roof boxes will help you for getting extra storage.

Boot space can easily get occupied if you are planning a long trip with your group – and this is where A-WAY roof bags will help you to manage that “extra luggage”.

60. Front Fog Lamps

Front fog lamps

They improve visibility in foggy, misty or snowy conditions.

They emit wide low beams of light directed over road surfaces reducing glare.

You can use them while night driving but rear fog lights must not be used as they could obstruct brake lights.

61. Automatic Window Roll-Up Unit

Automatic window roll-up

We may sometimes forget to roll-up windows while getting off the car inviting mosquitoes and other insects. Also, there may be a risk of losing things to robbers.

The solution to this problem is this automatic roll-up unit.

Once the lock button is pressed, the unit will automatically close all 4 windows if not closed.


62. Jumper Cables

Car Jumper Cables

Nobody wants to get stuck in the middle of a trip due to a drained battery.

These cables will allow you to jump-start your vehicle using another charged-up battery.

But be sure to read the manual before using them as they could be harmful.

63. Windshield Treatment

Windshield Treatment

Treatment refers to a chemical treatment that is done over the windshield that helps to repel rain, snow and other debris.

They provide great visibility even in rough weather.

64. Puncture Repair Kit

Puncture Repair Kit

65. Tyre Inflator

Tyre Inflator

66. Parking Sensors

It’s pretty difficult even for seasoned drivers to have a correct estimation of the body’s length.

This may lead to a minor dent or a scratch while taking the reverse.

In such cases, these sensors become invaluable.

67. Glass Breaker

Glass breakers might become the most important accessory you have in your car if you get into some kind of emergency.

These hammers have the potential to save lives.

Glass Breaker

68. Fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

69. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

A beach trip is all you need to make your car ready for another wash. You know what I am talking about.

Vacuum Cleaner

A cordless vacuum is all you need to clean all of those pesky things that you can never seem to get out of your car.

It will pick up everything that’s down there gathered from who knows where! It will easily clean pebbles, sand and even your Tommy's hair.

70. No-Rinse Carpet Spot Remover

No-Rinse Carpet Spot Remover

The chemicals used here are specifically made for this purpose to remove dirt and stay without a rinse.

Just put on some paste and scrub a bit to get a perfectly clean carpet.

71. Escape Tracks

If you are a car enthusiast, I am sure you like off-roading with your beast.

But you would probably stop yourself from doing that fearing that what if one of the tyres got stuck in a pit?

Escape Tracks

Or you live in a snowy region fed up with digging out tyres every time.

No worries, here’s a fantastic product that will help you in these rough situations.

Escape tracks are durable tracks that will give enough friction to the wheels so that it gets back on track.

Just jam these tracks in the front end of the tyre and cautiously drive over and you’ll be out in no time.

72. Key Finder

Do you also lose your keys often? Well, you are not alone!

Key Finder

Attach the tile to the keys and you are all set.

If you ever misplace your keys, you can activate the ring via a mobile app and you’ll be able to track them.

73. Snow Remover

A tough, extendable snow brush with a squeegee and ice scraper to quickly break through the iceberg that has somehow appeared on your windshield overnight.

Snow remover

74. Tissue Dispenser

You can attach these boxes anywhere you want.

Tissue Dispenser

75. Fiber Cloth

Fiber Cloth

Fibre cloth is super useful when it comes to washing and cleaning your car.

Microfiber gives the best cleaning while still protecting the surface.

76. Travel Kit

Travel Kit

If you think that you dot have time to gather individual items, or fear that you’ll probably miss something, a travel kit is what you need.

It has almost every basic accessory that you’ll need in an emergency.

77. Keychain Escape Tool

This tool is a great replacement for a glass hammer to break window glass.

Keychain Escape Tool

78. Scratch Remover

A quick fix tool to cover scratches, scratches, swirls and scuffs.

Scratch Remover

79. Cleaning Putty

Cleaning Putty

This lil' gizmo can work its way into all of the nooks and crannies of your car to pick up dirt, dust, and debris, then leave your setup looking top-notch.

This putty will work magically where even your vacuum cleaner won’t reach or suck out.

Just press it or roll it over the surface to clean all the dirt.

It’s simple to use and dispose of after a month or two.

80. Documents Holder

Keep your docs safe and secure with these holders, never know when you might need them.

Doc holder

81. Tyre Pressure Gauges

It’s important to always be aware of potential technical problems that may occur.

Keeping an eye on tyre pressure will always be helpful in the long term.

Tyre Pressure Guage

82. Mini - Fridge

Mini - Fridge

If you have a larger-than-usual car, a mini-fridge is what you need to elevate your trip experience.

Enjoy chilled (soft) drinks with friends anytime you want.

83. Windshield Film

These films effectively block out 99% of UV rays, which can protect your skin and prevent your car seat from ageing and fading.

But be sure to follow guidelines as some films might drag you into trouble.

84. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray might not directly count as a car accessory, but having one in the side holder will make you feel safe.

Pepper Spray

The only thing to look at is that the on should not be left in higher temperatures.

85. Torch

Obviously, you need it!


86. OBD Scanner

OBD or onboard diagnostics is the system in a car that monitors all the important control devices, offering data access with the appropriate hardware and software.

They provide readings about any abnormal behaviour of the car system.

The latest tech in this area is OBD2 which directly connects your car system to your mobile phone which can save a ton of money.

OBD Scanner

Locate the OBD-II port and connect your wireless scanner to it.

The ignition switch of your car must be set to the “ON” position but it is not necessary to start the engine.

Then, pair the OBD scanner to your phone using Bluetooth and open the scanner’s mobile app on your phone.

Reading will be in the form of codes which can be decoded using the chart and voila!

87. Car Gps Tracker

Car Gps Tracker

If you’re worried about the security of your car then this tool will let you sleep calmly.

These new ones can be hidden anywhere in your car thanks to their small size and long wire making your car theft-proof.

You can track the entire route from start to end on your phone anytime you want and trace it.

New models have pretty good battery life that keeps it running even when the car is halted.

88. Power Inverter With Multiple Sockets

Car Power Inverter With Multiple Sockets

89. Dashboard and Tyre Polish

Looks matter! These special creams will surfaces shinier.

Apply as instructed and you’ll have a brand-new finish.

Dashboard and Tyre Polish

90. Wiper detergent Tablets

Wiper Detergent Tablets

Put these small tablets into the water and that’s it!

The cleaning power of these tablets will make your windscreen crystal clear.

91. Rat Sprays

Rats are one of the biggest problems that car owners face, especially when parking space is near the sewer.

If not checked, these pesky rodents will cut through wires, pipes and even car bodies.

92. Car Dent Puller

Though it requires some skills to perfectly use these devices, they are pretty good to clear huge dents.

Car Dent Puller

93. Car Side Step

Car Side Step

This is a super useful accessory if you have a big car. The step can be attached to the door hook and can be used to step up and reach the roof for loading or unloading.

Along with that, it can also be used to break glass with the pointer attached below.


94. Dashboard Accessory

Not all accessory needs to have usability, some of them simply sit there for their aesthetics.

It totally depends on your taste, because these things make your car – YOUR CAR!

95. Air Freshener

Air Freshener

Air fresheners as we all know are products designed to cover unpleasant odours and create a pleasant atmosphere in a car.

These come in various innovative fragrances and shapes – so choose the best for you!

96. Anti-Scratch Carbon Fiber Film Tape

The carbon fibre texture gives the vehicle high performance and enhances the look of the vehicle.

The film basically eliminates the chances of getting scratched at vulnerable locations as shown.

Anti-Scratch Carbon Fiber Film Tape

97. Chrome Strip For Visors

Chrome Strip For Visors

Visors are boring – but not with chrome strips.

You’ll definitely find an artist near the car accessories shop who will ever be ready to give a super finish to new visors.

98. Claw Mark Decals


Car decals come in various designs.

It’s totally up to your choice and taste which to use and where to apply.

Sometimes is just good to leave the body as it is but if applied smartly, these decals look amazing giving your car character.

99. Car Wheel Cover

It’s a decorative item that fits above the wheel covering mainly the central portion.

It protects the wheel from dust and moisture and also enhances the looks of the wheels.

100. Silencer Extension

As the name suggests, silencers are used to reduce the noise from high-speed exhaust gas.

There are some specially made to enhance sounds or sometimes suppress them for a silent ride.

101. Car Wrap

Car wraps are vinyl covering the body of the car.

Car Wraps

It protects the original point but changes the entire appearance making it illegal in a few countries unless it’s transparent or the same colour as mentioned in the RC book.

In conclusion, whether you are a seasoned driver or a newbie, these accessories will help you have a great and safer ride.

So, treat your car with some of these accessories to make it more stylish and comfortable.

If you know an accessory that we've missed and can make a good spot on the list, please share it in the comments or via email and we'll make sure to recognise your contribution.

Happy driving!

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