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List Of Top Luxury Car Accessories To Make Your Car Look Premium

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Luxury Car  - A-WAY

Do you like luxury cars?

Do you love the Premium feel?

Do you want people to look at you in a different way – someone with a unique taste?

Who doesn’t, right?

Well, why not make your car a statement – a statement of your taste?

To help you with your search we have made a distinctive list of 7 luxury car accessories that will give your ride a premium feel.

List Of Car Accessories

1. Seat Covers

Seat Covers : Car Accessory

What’s the first thing we see when we get our look at a car?

Body, right?

But what’s the first thing you get to see in the interior?

Seat Covers.

It’s easy to miss them when they are normal, but I have seen people get attracted to different covers.

Black Seat Covers : Car Accessory | A-WAY

Everyone has a different taste – for me, it's black matt with highlights.

They look absolutely amazing!

These covers are generally made of PU leather (artificial leather) which makes them a good choice to start with.

But these seat covers come at a high price – probably around 20000 – 40000 INR depending on your selection.

But you won’t regret your decision once you put them to use.

Selecting a luxury seat cover boils down to just two things – material and aesthetics.

No matter how much I describe how good a material feels, it doesn’t come any near to actual experience.

So make your choice not by reading or seeing things online, experience the richness that suits you and then choose the right one.

2. Dynamic Turn Indicators

Dynamic Turn Indicators: Car Accessory| A-WAY

Dynamic turn indicators are the successors of static indicators that we mostly see on cars in India.

These new indicators are currently only available for specific brands and models making them look super premium.

But India is a land of “Jugaad”. People have made their own dynamic lights for cars and even bikes.

These dynamic lights give you extra confidence during a turn indicating exactly where you wanna go. These types of car accessories completely change the overall look and feel.

Unlike static lights, these lights have a motion in specific directions which is a treat to watch.

You may check whether your car is suitable for these lights or not because sometimes you will need to replace the entire side mirror mirrors.

3. Car Power Inverter With Multiple Sockets

Car Power Inverter: Car Accessory | A-WAY

Quality is not just about looks but also about its use.

We are living increasingly busy lives and it’s not shocking to see someone working on their laptop in the middle of a busy road.

These sockets will help you connect multiple devices to them.

Most of the products have 2 universal ports and 4-5 USB ports.

New models also have LED displays to show the active voltage for monitoring.

They generally come in the range of 1500 – 2500 INR but few of them go near 5000 INR giving a few extra features.

Car Inverter: Car Accessory| A-WAY

Others features include temperature safety, external fuse and lightweight design.

4. Perfume

Premium Car Perfume: Car Accessory | A-WAY

We have many accessories for looks – but what about feel and ambience?

Who wants to sit in a good-looking smelly car?

Luxury Car Perfume: Car Accessory | A-WAY

I get immediately impressed when it smells fresh in the car, don’t you?

You might not notice but good smell enhances mood – proven in psychology.

So if you plan to impress your friends a good perfume/air freshener is a must.

5. Mag Wheels

Premium Mag wheels: Car Accessory | A-WAY

There’s a saying - “A man is known by his shoes”, in the same sense I say – “A car is known by its wheels”.

You may think it is a joke but the real feel of luxury comes from tyres.

You can imagine a new Mercedes Benz with simply divided disc wheels and you’ll get what I want to say. Everything just goes bland and dull…

Understanding this will make you realize that one of the most important items that give your car a rich taste is its wheels.

Car Mag wheels: Car Accessory | A-WAY

They come in various designs like spokes, flowers, etc.

Again it depends on your choice and your car - and I trust your choice.

6. Matting

Premium Car Matting: Car Accessory | A-WAY

Matting is one of those underrated aspects of a car which is mostly overlooked.

The Interior of a car is incomplete without good matting.

Nowadays various matting is available like 3D, 5D and 7D.

They represent the dimensions of design and texture that you get. You can see the images below.

3D Car mat: Car Accessory| A-WAY

3D Mat

5D Car Matting: Car Accessory | A-WAY

5D Mat

7D Car Matting: Car Accessory | A-WAY

7D Mat

Do you know what makes a car really premium?

It’s the owner’s attention to menial things that are generally overlooked.

7. Roofbox

What is Luxury? What is Richness? Is it only about looks?

If you think so, I would want you to give it a second thought.

Richness is about utility.

Accessories that make your ride easy and comfortable are bound to be premium.

One such part is a roof box.

"Where would we keep the necessary luggage that we'll need on your weeklong tour? "

This is the most common question everyone has before going on a long trip.

This is when roof boxes and roof bags will help you for getting extra storage.

A-WAY Roof box

Boot space can easily get occupied if you are planning a long trip with your group – and this is where A-WAY roof bags will help you to manage that “extra luggage”.

They come in a universal size which perfectly fits your car.

We are not just an automobile accessories brand – we want our audience to explore this beautiful world and help them with our creations.

Cars With A-WAY Roof box

We provide suitable roof boxes and roof bags with attachments for almost every model – which are ready to install with easy procedure.

Also check:

Contact us with your doubts and we’ll be happy to take care of all your necessities.

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