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Cycle Carriers For Car: Everything That You Need To Know

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Cycle Carrier

Cycles are a blessing – Yes, literally.

The majority of urban people are living inactive life.

This motionless lifestyle has made our body home to multiple diseases whose cure is hidden with certain activities and not in colourful tablets.

Lifestyle Diseases

Cycling provides multiple health benefits like it reduces the risk of cancers, heart disease, and diabetes.

Individuals who cycle regularly have also reported mental health improvements, including less perceived stress and better vitality.

What else do we need? Cycle carrier!

Roaming on the same roads every day kinda feels boring after a while, but nothing new – same old boarding, and other crappy stuff.

So it’s a dream for every cyclist to go on a long trip to experience something new, something much more vivid.

Cycle carriers are one of those car accessories that speak for their owner. They show your seriousness regarding health.

So here are various types of cycle carriers for your car that you can install to carry your partner anywhere you want.

1. Simple Roof Rack Carriers

Simple roof rack carrier

These provide the simplest way to carry your bike on the roof of the car.

The only requirement for this setting is that you’ll need to install roof bars and roof racks on your car.

The actual cycle carrier for the car is mounted on a crossbar that is fastened to the car’s roof.

Roof rack for Cycle

These special racks secure both the tyres of the bike or they may secure the lowest rod of the frame and this arrangement depends purely on the design of the rack.

Roof racks which provide multiple locks are also available in the market.


1. Simple arrangement and fitting

2. No visual obstruction for the driver

3. Secure locking


1. It affects aerodynamics, reducing the car’s fuel efficiency

2. You need to be mindful of the height

3. Lifting the bikes all the way up to the roof might tire you

2. Boot / Trunk Mount Racks

These racks/carriers are attached to the trunk of the car, giving it its name.

Boot / Trunk Mount Racks

These racks are attached using straps which are affordable, lightweight and portable.

Here additional attachment is not required as in the case of roof carriers.

These carriers are readily attached to any car mode but SUVs are preferable.


1. These are lightweight carriers and get easily fixed without additional attachments

2. Does not affect aerodynamics

3. It can be fixed on any vehicle


1. Once attached, the bikes and rack partially restrict the vision of the driver

2. It lengthens the vehicle further

3. Unable to reach the trunk and access goods in the trunk

4. The stability of racks over bumps or at high speeds is under doubt

3. Hitch Racks

They securely attach to the receiver hitch of your vehicle and offer unmatched versatility.

These cycle carriers are suitable for larger vehicles like SUVs and MUVs.

They fall into 2 main categories: platform type and hanging type.

Platform type hitch carrier
Platform type

Hanging type hitch carrier
Hanging type


1. They can carry multiple bikes

2. Installation is easy

3. The hitch racks are provided with locks for security.


1. Can get quite heavy when the bikes are loaded.

2. Boot space access is blocked

4. Spare Wheel Racks

If you are worried that your car doesn’t have a trunk space since it already has a wheel, no worries this rack is made just for you.

Spare Wheel Racks

These racks are specially designed for those cars which have a mounted wheel on them.

2 straps go around the mounted wheel and around 2 to 3 bikes can be mounted on this type of cycle carrier.


1. Many accessories and attachments are not required for installation

2. Installation is simple and cheap

3. Gear in itself is affordable


1. Your car requires a spare wheel. To use this type of cycle carrier.

BUT ...

Stop sign

Before installing any kind of cycle carrier on your car, make sure to know the rules.

Since people have started to realize the importance of cycling, many have bought one and a few of them have also bought a carrier for it.

But there is a pretty good chance to get fined by the RTO as per their guidelines.

No matter which type of carrier you choose, every one of them has extensions.

This means that the body dimensions increase and it goes against the rules.

For carriers that are fitted in the rear, most of the time they block the view of the number plate which is again against the law.

The best advice here is to have a registration with Regional Traffic Office as per your carrier type and choose only those that are of standard size.

This might take time as we all know but it will help you avoid hefty fines.


Cycling is awesome, no doubt about it and using a carrier will expand your possibilities to explore new places and regions.

Good carriers will ensure the safety of your bike and will provide you with hassle-free tours.

The only thing to check is the local traffic rules which might cause you a little problem sometimes.

Now we talked a lot about carrying cycles.

But what about luggage?

Let’s say you’ve planned a weeklong trip to your dream location but do you have enough space to carry all the luggage?

If luggage becomes your choking point, let A-WAY help you.

A-WAY Roof Box

We provide adventure gear like roof rails, roof boxes and roof bags that take away your luggage problem.

A-WAY Roof bag

These roof boxes and roof bags come in universal sizes and can readily get installed over roof rails.

Contact us to know more about them – we will be more than happy to serve you!

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