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8 Amazing Ways To Pack Luggage in a Roofbox / Roofbag

If you are someone who is about to embark on a journey with bulky goods and other stuff, here are some neat packing tips using a roofbox or a roofbag.

Accessories such as roof boxes and roof bags can give you a lot of extra carrying space in a vehicle.

It’s important to remember that getting them loaded right is essential to a good journey.

1. Selecting the right Roof Storage Kit - Roofbox or Roofbag

Roofbox or Roofbag

Before starting to pack, check if you need a suitable roofbox or a roofbag.

Compared with other vehicle storage options, roofboxes provide greater security from the weather elements, perfect for expensive or crucial items.

However, roofbags offer low-budget storage options - they can easily hold bulky items.

Pick the one that’s most suitable for your trip.

2. Weight Distribution

AWAY Roofbox

Along with other important issues, one important factor is the appropriate load distribution within the carriers of your choice.

Keep heavy things at the bottom and spread the weight evenly all around. It will ensure that you can control your car even while taking turns.

Also, note that some car makers specify weight limits for roof-mounted accessories and you may find details in your owner’s manual.

3. Secure the Load

Make sure that you always have secured your cargo within a container with some packing material with the roof box, which will restrict the goods from moving around while in transportation.

Keep items steady using cargo straps, bungee cords, and internal organizers.

4. Protect Fragile Items
AWAY Roofbag

In the case of fragile items, a pad with padding or blankets to avoid shocks and vibrations.

Items such as glassware, electrical/electronic articles, and ceramics may be protected by bubble wrap, foam padding or soft blankets.

Put them in the very middle of the roof box or bag and make sure that they are not at the sides.

5. Mind the Dimensions

Ensure that your items are able to fit in with the dimensions of your roofbox or bag.

Loading too much may damage your roof box, car or belongings therein.

Do not buy items that go beyond the length and width of the roof box.

They might hindrance to closing and securing the box tight.

6. Utilize Packing Cubes or Bags
Perfect arrangement in Roofbag

If you want to sort your things more effectively, packing cubes and/or bags could make miraculous happen with the contents of a roofbox or any other carryall.

These also help in using space more efficiently by keeping together similar items.

Furthermore, they facilitate reaching particular products without causing the whole load any inconvenience.

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7. Stay within Weight Limits

Remember that there are always specific weight maximums dictated and provided by your roof box or roof bag’s manufacturer.

Overloading can cause harm to your vehicle, as well as safety issues while on the road.

For weights and loading, refer to your car’s handbook as well as the recommendations of the roof box/bag manufacturer.


If you love to travel long distances and want to have a comfortable ride, consider having a roofbox or a roofbag in your car.

Nonetheless, effective packing is essential for safeguarding possessions, ensuring safety while travelling and making the best out of a trip.

These ideas will help you prepare yourself for those long road trips and outdoor adventures and give you the confidence that your entire luggage is ready and safe for the journey.

Happy Journey!

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