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Why Roofbags Are Better Than Open Roof-Carrier?

3D Roofbag VS Open Roof Carrier
Roofbag VS Roof Carrier

Are you going on a family road trip or a heart-pumping adventure?

Maybe one question that you might be wondering is how do I put everything on safely and in one piece?

While we are travelling with the luggage and other equipment, we think about roof storage options, for which we have roofbags and open roof racks.

I have tried both of them so I can tell what the difference between the two was.

I think modern 3D Roofbags easily beat open roof carriers and will just quickly explain why so that you can choose the best one for yourself and know what you get for your money.


1. Weather Protection:

Think of travelling off through a heavy shower or on a dusty road. 3D Roof bags, in turn, act like giant waterproof shields and prevent your belongings from getting wet.

On the contrary to them, in an open roof carrier things are exposed to the elements.

Therefore, with rain, snow or sun, you can take your stuff anywhere without worries!

This is a strong reason enough for me to choose roofbags over open roof carriers.


2. Easy Peasy Installation:

Roofbags on car

Roofbags are like wonder carpets that with little assistance, can be spread above the vehicle conveniently.

They don't need complex utilities or difficult attachments.

Just unfold, connect, and get into position – ready! In contrast, open roof racks might be hard for assembly and you may scratch your head not knowing how to do it.

Of course, you might debate that installation could be done by a vendor, but who knows what situation might force you to do it. In such a case, the simple is better!


3. It’s about Fuel:

Aerodynamics is the next thing on the list – I know most people don’t care about it but trust me, it matters!

Car aerodynamics

Roofbags are like a cape on a superhero, as they are carefully designed to minimize wind resistance and let your vehicle zoom easily on the road.

This simple reason is translated to an increase in fuel efficiency, which will help you end up a considerable amount.

On the opposite side, however, the open roof racks incur more wind resistance and thus make the handling of the car more difficult and even guzzle up more fuel.


4. Space Solution:

Roofbags and Open roof carriers both provide tremendous storage space.

In terms of sheer volume that they can accommodate, open carriers win the race.

The question that we need to ask is how much is our luggage safe?

Imagine this - your car is loaded with luggage, camping equipment, and sports gear.

You may face storage problems with bulky items such as tents and sleeping bags.

But is keeping this premium luggage safe in the open?  In my opinion, keeping them in a closed container will always be a better choice.


5. Say Goodbye to Noise:

Have you ever got close to roof racks when driving and you heard that whistling sound?

You know that terrible feeling like a dreadful mosquito is in your ears!

Roofbags though are absolute noiseless.

These 3D roofbags tuck snugly on your car's roof thus, reducing wind noise and giving you a soothing driving experience.

That is why, press play on that favorite tune to get focused on the road without unwanted distractions!


6. Look Matters!:

3D roofbag over a car

Whether you feel good about it or not, one of the strongest reasons why people buy stuff is because they love how it looks!

And to be honest, open roof carriers are just simple and boring.

But the moment you’ll see a roofbag over a car, you’ll be amazed.

It just makes any car look all-rounder – ready for any challenge, any journey.  


Bonus Reason:

At the end of the journey, all you need is to fold the roof bags and they are quickly packed.

No more struggling to find large, bulky bags to throw everything in!

They don't occupy much space when not in use, unlike open-roof racks which are cumbersome and have to be disassembled and stored separately.


So what are you waiting for? Visit the store now!


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