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3D Roofbag - Ultimate Guide To Choose The Perfect Roofbag

3D roofbag

A 3D roof bag can be a real game-changer when it comes to increasing your vehicle storage space for road trips, camping adventures or even just making room as the family becomes larger. 

There are however number of options in the market and one needs to be careful when choosing his or her 3D roofbag. 

So that you can make the smartest investment, let us take a look at some of the most common mistakes people tend to commit while buying 3D roof bags for their cars.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

1. Ignoring Weight Capacity


One of the most common errors is failing to consider the weight limit that a 3D roof bag can carry. 

Ideally, roofbags should be installed over cross-bars to avoid direct pressure on the roof.

Each vehicle’s roof and roof rack has its weight limit, overloading each of them can lead to a safety hazard. 

Before buying a rooftop bag, read your vehicle’s manual and verify the specifications of 3D roof bags to ensure you do not go beyond the recommended weight limits. 

Overloading can compromise the handling ability of your vehicle and its fuel consumption.

2. Disregarding Size and Fit


Not every 3D roof bag is the same, and making a bad choice about size can cause all sorts of problems. 

Some users erroneously feel a bigger 3D roof bag is always the better solution, but this can mean poor aerodynamics, reduced fuel efficiency and in some cases damage to your vehicle if overloaded beyond capacity. 

Measure the space available on your roof and measure your roof bag to be sure it fits properly. 

An incorrectly sized rooftop storage bag can not only be hazardous but also very irritating to mount.

3. Neglecting Material Quality


The durability of a 3D roof bag is important for keeping your belongings safe and providing long-wearing life. 

Don’t fall into the trap of picking a 3D roof bag just because it is available at a low rate, without paying attention to its quality and strength. 

Seek out bags that are made of weather-resistant and UV-resistant heavy-duty materials.


3D Roofbag

Quality zippers and seam reinforcements are also necessary here to avoid leaks and keep your cargo safe in all weather conditions.

4. Ignoring Aerodynamics

It is also important to have extra storage but you should not sacrifice your vehicle’s aerodynamics. 

Some users erroneously select a 3D roof bag which results in too much wind resistance, which consequently leads to poor fuel economy. 

Sometimes, more storage space options can create problems.

Look for 3D roof bags that are aerodynamically designed, those with a streamlined design. 

This will not only make your vehicle more fuel-efficient but also decrease the wind noise while on a journey.

As a design engineer personally, can say that the design has a lot of impact over a long period.

5. Failing to Secure the Load


Ensuring that your cargo has been properly secured is a vital requirement to guarantee you have both an enjoyable and safe journey. 

Failure to properly secure items inside the 3D roof bag may cause shifting during transport, which could result in damage both to cargo as well as a 3D roof bag. 

Make good use of internal straps or organizers to keep items secured, and during your trip regularly check that the external straps are not loosened up.


Selecting a proper car 3D roof bag requires being conscious of the potential difficulties or mistakes that are easily made while buying one.

If you make an informed decision on how to use your vehicle’s storage capacity wisely, not only will you utilize that space more efficiently but also improve the quality of your trip.

Some 3D roof bags have complicated installation procedures that may need more tools or even professional help. 

Do not make this mistake by settling for a 3D roof bag that is difficult to mount and dismount.

Choosing a simple installation will not only save you time but also reduce the likelihood of damaging your vehicle during the setup.


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