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Roofbox or Roofbag? Choose Your Perfect Camping Partner

Camping image

Are you ready to embark on exciting camping trips with your family or friends?

Well, one essential thing you'll need is a Roofbox or Roofbag to carry all your gear and make your camping experience smooth and enjoyable.

In this article, we'll break down the features you can find in Roofboxes and Roofbags so that you can choose the best one for your camping adventures according to your needs.

What's the deal with Roofboxes and Roofbags?

Let's start with the basics.

Roofboxes and Roofbags are storage accessories that attach to the roof of your car.

They're perfect for carrying stuff like tents, sleeping bags, mini coolers, and even your favourite campfire snacks!

But which one should you choose? Let's explore both options...

Roof Bags: Light and Simpler Option

Roofbag over a car

Roof bags are a bit like giant, super-tough duffel bags designed to perfectly sit on the roof of your car.

Here are some cool things about roof bags:

1. Easy to Install

Roof Bags can be easily installed over your car's roof. You just need to secure the sturdy straps over the rooftop that comes with the package and done - no fancy tools required!

The package also carries the installation manual which will guide you to seamless installation.

2. Lightweight

Roof Bags are a lighter option as compared to roof boxes, which can be helpful if you want to save on gas and don't need too much extra space.

Roofbag interior

3. Foldable

After your camping trip, you can unload the roofbags, fold up and store it away easily. It doesn’t even take up much space in your garage.

4. Budget-Friendly

Roof Bags are often more budget-friendly than roof boxes, making them a great choice for your adventurers.

Roof Boxes: Sturdy Space Savers

Roofbox over a car

Roof Boxes are like strong, weatherproof storage containers that sit on your car's roof.

Here's why you might choose a Roofbox over Roofbags...

1. Solid and Secure

Roof Boxes are super secure and protect your gear from bad weather and road dust. They come with locks to keep your stuff safe.

2. Lots of Storage

If you have a big family or need to carry lots of luggage, a roof box might be your best option. They provide more capacity compared to roof bags.

AWAY Roofbox

3. Aerodynamic Design

Design is what makes the ultimate difference.

Roofboxes are designed to reduce wind resistance, which can save you money on gas during long trips and also make your car look super stylish.

4. Versatility

Some roof boxes are specially designed for certain gear, like skis or bikes.

So, if you're into other outdoor activities, a roof box can be a versatile choice.

How to Choose the Perfect Roofbox or Roofbag?

Now that you have a pretty good idea about the difference between Roofboxes and Roofbags, let's dive into the important stuff: how to pick the right one for your camping adventures.

Here are some criteria to consider.

1. Size Matters (that is what everyone says!)

Think about how much gear you need to carry. If you're going camping with your family or friends, a roof box might be the better choice. If it's just you and your camping essentials, a roof bag should do the trick.

2. Installation

Are you a camping newbie? If you want to avoid the hassles of tiring installation and don’t require too much space, go for a roof bag.

If you're a pro camper and don't mind a bit more setup, a roof box could be your choice. It will give you more flexibility even if you are with a bigger group.

3. Weather and Security

If you're planning camping trips in rainy or snowy areas, a roof box will protect your gear better. Plus, it comes with locks to keep everything safe.

4. Car Compatibility

Make sure your roof box or roof bag is a good match for your car. Check multiple references to get an idea of how a carrier will look on your car.

Cars with Roofboxes

Now there’s just one thing left - Get Ready for an Adventure!

Now, you're all set to choose the perfect partner for your camping adventure.

Remember, it's all about what suits your needs and budget.

Roofbags are light and easy, while Roofboxes are sturdy and space-savers.

Choose your gear wisely, explore the great outdoors, and have a blast on your camping trips.

Nature is waiting for you to discover its wonders - one camping adventure at a time.

Happy camping!

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