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6 Crazy Reasons To Install A Roofbox Today! [Don't Miss It!]

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Let’s be real – roofbox is a super useful accessory, but what stops us from buying it is the cost. That’s why it's more than important to know why we need a roofbox.

If you think that roofbox is just a box that stresses luggage – you are right but just partially. Roofboxes are more than just boxes.

Let's see what are 6 key reasons to buy and install a roofbox today!

1. Increased Storage Space
Opened roofbox

A roof box provides additional storage capacity, allowing you to carry more luggage, gear, and equipment without sacrificing passenger comfort or interior space in the vehicle.

This is the very fundamental reason why anyone would turn towards buying a roofbox.

The main function of the roofbox is to provide additional space to accommodate more luggage.

Recognizing the inherent limitations of even spacious vehicles, the roofbox emerges as a necessity when there is a need to accommodate items that exceed the available interior storage capacity.

Through its innovative and advanced design, a roof box seamlessly facilitates you to transport additional loads without imposing any inconveniences.

2. Convenience And Organization

Roof boxes provide a superior solution for enhancing the organization of belongings, resulting in easier packing and access to items throughout the journey.

By utilizing a roof box, you can conveniently store frequently used or bulky items outside the vehicle, ensuring both convenience and time-saving benefits.

These roofboxes allow you to allocate the load as desired which is a major advantage during long trips. Unlike relying solely on the vehicle's trunk space, you can now divide the load.

This elevated level of organization contributes to a satisfying travel experience.

Also with items neatly arranged within the roof box, retrieval becomes effortless, eliminating the frustration of searching through a cluttered trunk.

3. All - Round Protection
Features of AWAY roofbox

Protection is the first thing that comes into consideration when we think about loading something over the roof.

By opting for a leakproof roof box, users can confidently transport a wide array of goods without any concern.

The robust construction and advanced materials used in these roof boxes create a reliable barrier against inclement weather conditions, preventing potential damage to the stored belongings.


4. Long Trip - Let's Go!

Road trips are incredible – no doubt! But do you know the #1 reason why people don’t plan long road trips? It’s the lack of storage space.

Cars with roofbox

Having extra storage space over the roof definitely helps in planning longer trips; and who doesn’t want to spend incredible time with their family and friends?

While it may appear trivial at first glance, this concern holds particular significance, especially for individuals like me hailing from countries like India.

As an Indian, I can confirm that there are a lot of things that we have to carry :)

By availing of the benefits of extra storage space, you can adeptly accommodate a lot of essentials and personal items required for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

5. Preserve Vehicle Interior

The roofbox presents a practical solution that reduces the potential risks associated with damaging a car's interior due to sharp, dirty objects, or spills.

By securely storing certain items on the roof, you can effectively safeguard the cleanliness and condition of your vehicle's interior.

Clean car interior

This is particularly advantageous when it comes to accommodating muddy items, wet equipment, or items with unpleasant odours. By allocating such items to the roof box, any potential mess or odour can be eliminated.

You can now freely enjoy the rain without worrying about wet clothes; you can freely climb muddy hills without worrying about mud-soaked clothes.

The incorporation of a roof box thus serves as a smart measure in preserving the cleanliness of the vehicle's interior, safeguarding against any unsightly outcomes.

6. Flexibility And Freedom

Again let me talk about India.

We always start with excess luggage, but we return with even more! And the only thing that stops us from buying, even more, is the storage restriction.

But with a roofbox, you can go wild!

Having a roof box gives you the flexibility to stock up on extra items, souvenirs, or unexpected purchases without worrying about fitting everything inside the car.

It offers the freedom to explore and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

These reasons highlight the practicality, convenience, and benefits of installing a roof box, making it a valuable addition to any traveller's arsenal.

Now, the obvious question is which roofbox should I buy?

No worries, we got you here…

Presenting roofboxes by AWAY

Away Roofbox

These roofboxes provide everything that you just read. These roof boxes are super-aerodynamic in shape, made up of durable material and have a carrying capacity of 450 Liters.

To know more contact us and we will be more than happy to serve you.

Features of a roofbox

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